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Originally Posted by Doug Smith View Post
Beepbeep, Iíll have to check on the air pump. I really havenít looked at the engine compartment very closely at this point. The AC has been removed, but I have the whole system in a box with all the hoses. Iíll probably reinstall it at some time or adapt a more efficient late model unit in its place.

As far as the O2 sensor, what purpose does it serve on this vehicle? (assuming itís connected)

And spuggy, Iím not used to a vehicle with so little clearance between the tire and fender. I just need to learn more about the suspension capabilities. It may be fine where it is. I just donít want anything to rub.
Oh, yeh, the air pump. Didn't realise there were any of those left, outside CA... LOL.

The O2 sensor is fitted on 86-up cars, IIRC? It fine-adjusts the output of the WUR on cruise and mid-throttle positions to stochiometric (sp?). For emissions. A lot of people set the AFRs where they want them and disconnect these anyway because the car runs better without. Turbos like to run rich...

The one you have may have been used for tuning, or just because they didn't have the correct bung around (a Boxster gearbox plug will physically fit, but, being alu, the rate of expansion isn't a good match and it will work loose about 10 minutes after you get the headers orange and fall out, leaving you with a massive boost leak and a car that sounds like a Beetle drag racer and feels like it's towing a trailer full of anvils off the line. Ask me how I know this).

Re: the fender and tire clearance, it can have a lot to do with the suspension geometry or alignment.

Based on your first shot, I look to have less clearance than you, and the only place my tires touch the car is the back of the inner tub on the passenger side @ full right lock.

Your ride height looks to be close to factory Euro height to me, maybe a little lower. It's not slammed by any means.
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