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The consistant lack of power is one of the things thats leads me to think that the cam timing is the culprit. I will know for sure on Thursday.

I can advance the timing myself I have a laptop. I just have until now resisted the temptation to use it. The shop who set up the EFI said "We kept advancing the timing until it ceased to make additional power, whilst listening for knock". They had a heaphone arrangement and a audio pickup bolted to the intake manifold.

I have checked full throttle, the Throttle butterfly valve is fully open at WOT, and the ECU throttle position sensor recognises the full throttle range.

The dyno is pretty suspect, the shop said "We know it under-reads 10-15%"

The dyno graph was from before it was EFI'd and I know it had fueling issues when it was done, it was leaning out under boost. The EFI upgrade fixed the A/F ratio at WOT
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