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1.8 barely runs then stops

Hi all,

My 1.8 was bought as a non-runner and I'm working on it. I'm in Australia and I was put off by the postage on genuine fuel pumps from the US, particularly as I managed to buy two non-working ones. So it now has one from another car, which has made the car start and run. I don't know for sure that I have a functioning fuel pressure regulator, but I know that there is some pressure - several old pipes leaked. I've replaced all rubber hoses on the car today.

The car will start quite well and runs for a while. I get about 10-15 seconds of running, initially it will rev OK. Then it gets slower and slower then dies - regardless of throttle. It will not restart. If I wait a couple of minutes it will restart, but not run as well before dying after 5 seconds of rough running.

I also replaced all the small diameter vacuum lines. I couldn't find anywhere which had the large vacuum lines in stock so they are original, but look OK. Interestingly my vacuum lines do not match the diagram on the PP site. I don't have an EGR and my TB has only one port which is connected to the dizzy side of the vacuum advance module. The port on the other side of the vacuum advance is connected to an range of things including the plenium and the de-acceleration valve. I thought this was odd, but I couldn't imagine someone putting all those T-pieces in by mistake.

My car is missing the charcoal canister and the connection to the airbox is open. I don't think this really matters as it is before the AFM, but does allow unfiltered air in. I plan to block this hole.

When it runs it is quite smokey, but it hasn't run in years so I'm guessing some oil crept past the rings into the bores.

I'm sure there are some air leaks in the old hoses, injector seals, etc. but would that cause this problem? I was expecting it to run like crap, but to run.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Steve
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