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wayne , heres some advice from someone who gets to deal w/this maddness on an hourly daily weekly monthly yearly basis.

you have bought yourself a "toy". plain and simple. a very rare toy. and an expensive one at that.

i get to deal with "vierd"(wierd) toys all damn day long.

a 20 year restoration you will have some headaches as far as parts. a 30 year resto and you get to grab yer ankles.

be it a plane/vehicle/ dirt or street bike, add "experimental" or "rare" to equation and the headaches become bigger. lets use a 1960 DORNIER DO-27 as an example. giant pita to find any parts and they made a hell of alot more than 200 during their production years. everything is a nightmare to source, anything left has been crashed and burned-literally. or use a merkur xr4ti(not mine). mercury nor ford want anything to do with it. sierras are different than what was sent to the u.s. once again a giant pita parts sourcing.

your fortunate that teutonic wisdom and analizms prevailed while the 959 was being produced. but none the less there are less than 200 of them left. would be interesting to find and probably a shocker to see how few there are still left, let alone running.

your best bet is to find a wrecked one. not so far fetched when you start pricing and availabilty list and ram head on into the wicked 3 letters "NLA".

now when those evil 3 letters rear their ugly head, you start going to, junkyards or e-mailing them. at this point you realize that the junkyard can charge anything he wants if not sometimes higher than part was originally, because he has it. and you want it, bad enough to pay any amount.

the above is known as the "addictive fetish" phase. no cure known except acceptance of your behavior.

the next phase you the realization that you have to machine the parts. be it plastic or metal. entire companies have been started from this part of the addiction. reproduced parts.

as the owner of quite a few vintage dirt bikes.........pentons and husqvarnas, i was relegated to machining parts, or bike no workie. since growing up in aviation machine tool industry, i had quite a few shops i personally knew the owners. big plus right there. found a number that could do parts when they were slow in short runs. short runs meaning 50-100. this made the sticker shock "kinda" bearable. and then sold parts to recoup investment.

with your addiction the numbers are less. and to have parts made, and then let them sit on shelf til someone hopefully needs one, is not cost effective.

so back to square juan. making one or two off parts. not cheap by any stretch.

my suggestion.............get to be real good friends with plastic injection shop and a machine shop while searching for a wrecked 959!

rubber parts will be a nightmare 20 years from now. buy as many and as much as you can engine wise.

a little thought and some money will lessen the headaches down the road.

good luck with this. i know of only one 959 here in az. and he lives in tucson. he shows his car at both phx and tucson concours so im sure you can find his name easily and pick his brain.

sooner or later the machine shop equation will present itself.
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