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[FLAME SUIT ACTIVATED] such a shame to see those big poll numbers for B&B. My story? I had a well tuned engine (correct timing and AFRs that were checked often) and they cracked at the primary pipe heater box junction. Once removed, I could see the beginnings of several other cracks/holes in the other pipes. They didn't last 8,000 miles.

Mine had been cracked for several months, and I never really noticed it until I installed a muffler and could hear what was going on (had been running a zork). Even then, the leak wasn't obvious as it was occurring within the heater box. That's safe! At any rate, I was about two months beyond (not even) their stated warranty and was on the receiving end of some of the worst customer service relations, imaginable!

So I rolled the dice on the OBX Racing (no heat) with a claimed 321 material and "life time warranty" (yeah right, I'm not that big of a fool). I had no fitment issues on the install. And for what it would cost me to buy another set of B&Bs, I could buy four or five sets of OBX! Maybe I was lucky, and sure on my way home tonight, the OBX could just as easily crack, but I'm satisfied. Mostly satisfied because if they do crack, I won't feel rapped at having plunked down $2,200 for the leak!

These engines are hard on headers. As much as I'd like to own another set of big balla hi dolla headers, I have to be content until I know for sure someone has created a set that aren't "disposable" and will stand behind them even if there are problems. Seems that RarlyL8 and M&K are onto something and maybe by the time my OBX have taken a dump and I've confirmed that my "life time warranty" wasn't worth the paper wasted to print it, I'll be ready for a set...
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