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Originally Posted by RarlyL8 View Post
SSI has no competition. There is no other manufacturer on the market that uses 347 or has anything near the quality for the price. If you find anything that comes close post it.
As for performance, to compare the SSI design to the stock US or Euro heat exchangers is an obvious upgrade. All other popular aftermarket headers and heat exchangers use the shortest non-equal length path to the turbo. Good for spool but lacking the low end off-boost tuning of true equal length primaries. Typically only high-end exensive racing headers use this quality of material and design.
Is that a littler better?
Sorry - I'm not trying to pick a fight. Maybe I'm too direct or blunt, but I felt we knew each other. Anyway, if you say the quality is the best, then so be it. I'm not in the market for headers, but I did a lot of research when I was looking for real performance at the best cost. When I researched SSI, they did not deliver the best performance per dollar. As for longevity, who knows? Think about pipes hanging out the bottom of an engine (in some sort of airflow) that will deliver 450 degree heat at idle, then go to 1600 degrees at WOT in a couple of seconds, and all this under a fair amount of back-pressure. The amplitude of the heat cycle has to be huge.

When I decided on custom pipes, I went with equal length and the tightest radius. I made one mistake on the design request and considering they are for a street car, I should have gone with short pipes, not equal length. When I did a before and after dyno (I went from B&B to custom), I lost low end HP and torque, but had a slight gain up top. For street CIS, it was the wrong move. Now that I have EFI, I've tuned out the low end loss. Another known issue was moving up to 1 5/8" primaries from stock. I lost spool time, but I knew I was going to EFI soon, so I went with the bigger diameter. Now with my 3.4L EFI car, the pipes are nearly perfect - although I would still prefer short pipes vs equal length as this is not a track car living at +5000 rpm. This is another issue I had with SSI - the length from the exhaust port to the turbo is extremely long. Not only does this hurt spool time (which is very important for a street car), but it also cools the gases. This slows velocity and decreases turbo efficiency.

One last comment. I got rid of my B&B because I was plugging holes on a monthly basis. Just last week, I had to plug my first hole in the custom pipes after approx 25k miles. In addition, I have no heat with the custom pipes, so I guess there are trade-offs between high perf headers and retail headers.
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