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A word from the Old One

I've been doing these P Cars for about 35 years now and have owned
both the Jewels and the Junk and loved them all. But I guarantee one thing
they will both let you spend all the money you want whether it's making the
Jewels go faster or making the Junk get you backand forth too your 2nd. job.
When I was young my father told a story: There was an old bull and a
young bull standing on a hill top looking down at a herd of cows. The young
bull said " Let's run down there and jump one of those cows " the old bull
replied " Let's walk down and jump them all." Take your time and use your
head here. I've owned between 19 - 25 P Cars and never had to split a case.
A friend of mine ran the last 4 hrs. at Daytona with a broken piston in the 3
hole they just pulled the plug and wire and went back out. When they tore
the motor down they replaced the rod, piston, cyl., and head and ran the
engine the rest of the season. The bottom ends will stay together forever if
they have oil and are not over reved.
I have had 930 head studs break and shoot across the garage during
cool down after a hard run and I've found them lying on the floor or in the
head galley's after winter storage. I replace them retorque all the studs and
go out and "drive it like I stole it"
Most head studs can be easily removed with the enging in. Use a dremel
with a cuttoff disc to cut the stud off at a point you get easy access. Take a
1/4" drive 6 point 9/32 socket on a long 1/4 extension and tap in down over
the head stud untill you bottom the socket out. Soak the stud at the threads
with with PB Blaster and back it out.
Change and strain the oil for metal particals, add a new filter. Check all
the remaing good head bolts for proper torque, replace and torque
broken studs. Run compression and leakdown tests. Evaluate the results;
do a top end rebuild if necessary. At that point you'll have the heads off and
can inspect for any piston and lower damage.
Look at it this way, you just saved $8,000 (at least) if the bottom end
should let good at some point the top end is already done and in the mean
time you have had 8 -2 thousand dollars to make it go faster while you wait.
Just the rambelings of and old bull.

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