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OK, finally got time to finish this header install. Took it out yesterday, WOW!!! Now I know why everyone uses the word "transformed" when describing these mods (headers K27S, tial WG, all went in at the same time) The drivability for around town, and stop and go is sooo much improved. The torque off the line is a huge improvement, the turbo lag feels almost non-existant, starts spooling below 2000, I'm at max boost (.9 bar) below 3000rpm. The car is twice as fast it seems on boost, even though it doesn't have that retrorocket onset that it used to, now very linear. Anyone on the fence contemplating these mods, needs to pull the trigger, it is worth every penny!

On the downside I still have a couple issues to deal with, first I have a major oil leak from the supplied oil line where it conects in the case. Anyone know how to stop an oil leak with these big brass fittings? I have it pretty tight, it could go tighter but I am afraid to strip the threads.

Two, the heat arrangement is a nightmare, I still have to get some heater hose, and reduction couplings to get heat.

three, like others, the turbo sits a little too high, and the bumper and engine tin is getting awefully hot. Don't know what i'm going to do about this. The hot section of the turbo has room, but the cold section is almost touching the tin. maybe rig some kind of heat shield so I don't roast my bumper. Does anyone else have a hot bumper?

Anyway, I am real happy with the mods overall. Also happy to get rid of the rest of the air injection crap off of the car. These headers, turbo and wg, have been sitting in my garage for months, because I was terrified about breaking an exhaust stud. Turns out it was a non-issue, just soaked them in PB blaster, and all the nuts came off with just a little squeak with very little torque. The headers were a little disappointing with the fit, I think GSF could have done a better job, even though they were relatively cheap, still I would expect something I paid 1000 dollars for to fit better than they did. I will give credit to them in that all six exhaust ports fit perfectly and I have no leaks. When these headers crack I will look into Brian's SSI setup, wish they were available when I bought the GSF.

87 930 K27S Kokeln IC GSF headers TIAL WG @ .9 bar

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