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Originally Posted by DDDD View Post
How are you supposed to charge the Odyssey at home if it drains? You say it doesn't like to be deep cycled? What do you mean exactly?

I have a battery charger which charges at different speeds, like from trickle volt to quick charge. What do I set it at?


Deep cycling a battery is the process of running the battery down very low on charge, then charging it back up to capacity. Deep cycling the Odyssey is ok from time to time as long as you follow the label on the battery for the initial charge(Every odyssey has a sticker that has that info on it )

You can trickle or slow charge any Odyssey and it'll be ok. If you're charger has an adjustable amp setting, just set it low(like at 2amp/hr). The battery tenders/trickle chargers are fine to for winter storage and/or just basic upkeep of the battery as long as they are the automatic type that shut off once the battery is up to no more than 14.4volts.

What seems to be bad(from my experience) to the Odyssey batteries is this constant short run(~15 minute) start/shutdown cycles.

A scenario that would definitely kill an Odyssey....using one to crank a motor over while doing a complete engine compression test. that's something these batteries don't like too much. They just don't have the capacity to do that type of discharge for long periods.

Originally Posted by afterburn 549 View Post
boxxersix, you say there is a batt better then a ODY ? (680)

Yes it's a VERY expensive lithium ion phosphate battery though, with dense foam cells vs lead that the company can custom tailer to your application. On average, the battery weighs less than 2/3rd that of what a similar size Odyssey weighs and has better characteristics in every aspect(except price). The company can form the battery cells into many various shapes to suit your packaging, and can double/triple/quad/etc stack the cells to produce any amperage you need. the battery is also NOT affected by temperature, and puts out the same amperage at very cold temps as it does at room temperature.

I'n a couple posts above I posted a link to the battery company, TEK Battery, although the website is currently frozen(links don't work). They're very new, I think there's less than a handful of employees.
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