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Originally Posted by pdqcarrera View Post
Hoping for legislation to force Porsche...? Damn that's some scary stuff copbait. I couldn't disagree with you more. IMHO Porsche has done a wonderful job meeting market demand and creating more of it as well. They're still a great bang for the buck in the sports car world and more practical than the vast majority of their competition. How wrong can Porsche be when their sales continue to set records? Boxster is a fine car, the Cayman all the more, and who wouldn't want to own a 997RS (unfortunately I couldn't afford a '73 RS then and can't afford one now either - '07 or '73 ;-)?

As for environmental issues...
I predict true science will eventually prevail resulting in Al Gore, and all his Chicken Littles alike, being exposed as wrong once and for all about our "human impact." However, I believe more importantly we should all be far more concerned with the ramifications of the ever increasing demand and limited supply of crude oil. With this in mind, Porsche does a great job producing highly efficient cars. Ironically perhaps, development of distributed energy technologies being driven by fears of Global Warming will serve to ease the strain (demand) on fossil fuels. So to this end perhaps we can thank Al Gore for something. ;-)

Being in the energy business I read a lot of (and occasionally write) related reports, the vast majority of which prove it would be far more worthwhile for us to focus on this than carbon credits.

If you're interested, check out this U.S. GAO report:

or better yet, the highlights overview:

Also, This "Institute for the Analysis of Global Security" has a sobering ramifications take on the subject:

I understand what you are saying about oil versus global warming; but as far as Porsche being good bang for the buck, I gotta respectfully disagree.

Compared to, say, a Corvette Z06, or even a Subaru WRX sti, neither of which I would personally own, the Porsche is fat, way overpriced, and 'gasp' even uncompetitve in some respects.

I just cannot overstate that Porsche has long since lost their way, and building greenie hybrids is not going to help them re-focus.

Gee, maybe they can sell twice as many greenie econo-cars for 50 grand than ever before...wouldn't that be special?

Just give me a Cayman with fat tires and the 997tt engine in it at a affordable price, and throw the entire SUV line-up in the trashbin, make a lightweight Cayman based GT3 that is actually able to keep up with a Ferrari 430 using the mid-engine chassis.

But I forget, Porsche is mainly interested in making money these days, not in winning races with superior mid-engine cars or keeping up with Corvettes.

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