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Originally Posted by les_garten View Post
Hi Don,
I HAVE read a lot of your posts. That's why I was so surprised. Your recent post keep clarifying who you are. You sold a BIN file for $500. Good for you. I guess you could have sent me a proposal for purchase thru a post or a pm.

Here's the answer I would have given you, NO, I'm not Interested!

I won't pay for something that is marginally relevant to my motor.

There are so many variables to an engine that a BIN file is in it's absolute sense worthless. I just wanted to see what others had done with their ignition curves. In a relevant sense, a BIN file can show how others accomplished what you are trying to do. Which is why I made this Thread.

If you consider port diameters, manifolds, Header primary Diameters, Throttle body diameters, Inj sizes, Mufflers, etc, a file is just something to look at to reference how somebody else went somewhere. If I were going to spend $500, I would spend it on Dyno time, not BUYING a file from someone else's car.

The good news is that when I get my engine tuned, there's a ready market on PelicanParts who will pay $500 for my bin file. Of course I'll be really stupid here and give it away for free like a number of other things I have done in relation to Porsche's and BMW Motorcycles, just to name a few.

I just looked in the mirror and guess that I am the stupid one here. I haven't sold any of my expertise over the 23 years I've spent on the net. I've given all that away for free. Boy, I'm feelin' pretty stupid about now...

DonE is extremely generous in offering experiences and opinions to all of us at Pelican. Frankly, I don't know why you went so ballistic when DonE deferred in providing you a copy of his binary file. You even mention that based upon all of the different engine parameters, the bin file is of little use on an engine of different construction.
It gets to the root of a widespread problem of file sharing. Who the he!! thinks that a software file, whether it's a music file or software code, should be free for the whole damn world to use. This is a perfect case in point. DonE has thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours invested in his engine and has paid dearly the hard way with disastrous hardware failures in the ECU and engine mechanicals. I thought his response was quite restrained, considering. Of course, I'm a past software developer and Engineering Manager. So maybe I'm a bit thin-skinned on the whole (Socialistic) file sharing, intellectual property, fiasco.
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