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Originally Posted by WERK-I View Post
DonE is extremely generous in offering experiences and opinions to all of us at Pelican. Frankly, I don't know why you went so ballistic when DonE deferred in providing you a copy of his binary file. You even mention that based upon all of the different engine parameters, the bin file is of little use on an engine of different construction.
It gets to the root of a widespread problem of file sharing. Who the he!! thinks that a software file, whether it's a music file or software code, should be free for the whole damn world to use. This is a perfect case in point. DonE has thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours invested in his engine and has paid dearly the hard way with disastrous hardware failures in the ECU and engine mechanicals. I thought his response was quite restrained, considering. Of course, I'm a past software developer and Engineering Manager. So maybe I'm a bit thin-skinned on the whole (Socialistic) file sharing, intellectual property, fiasco.
Hi Dave,
I concur with your assessment of Don's contributions to the Forum. That's why I was surprised. A few points I would like to point out.

1) He could have not posted anything if he didn't want to share. His post amounted to, I have a file, and you can't have it.

2) BIN files are not copyrighted intellectual property. You should know that. I own the Software and Hardware that the BIN file runs on. Additionally, the software is freely available on Electromotive's Web site. There is no copyright infringement issue here.

3) The purpose of a forum is to keep people from reinventing the wheel, or help them avoid what you termed, "disastrous hardware failures in the ECU and engine mechanicals".

4) Don owns his BIN file, no doubt about that. He doesn't want to share. That's his business, I don't understand it, but it's his business.

I obviously had a problem with this premise:

I've got a file, you can't have it. Why post that?

Your idea of, he's gone through his trials and tribulations, and now it's your turn mystifies me also. I think you are arguing a weak position merely to back Don up.

DonE, I have no issue with you, you don't want to share your file, that's fine with me. I just think you should have kept that to yourself. I've never argued about anything on this board, and don't foresee ever being at odds again with you in the future. This thread will not bleed over into any other post of mine, I don't hold grudges.

Now, if anybody who has a bin file and would kindly share it, I would be interested in seeing a tuned electromotive Tec3r bin file. I am particularly interested in the advance curve amongst other things.

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