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Originally Posted by 911nut View Post
Already have a K27-7200 and big I/C (all stock on a 965).
Very few people fitting new K27/7200's these days. They're an improvement over a 3DLZ, sure...

Modern K27 hybrids are much nicer. I make max power @ 6100 RPM with a turbo that builds .5 bar @ 2500 RPM.

With SC cams and 8.0:1 C/R, I'm trading off-boost response for being limited on max boost. But I'm also torque-limited by a 915 anyway. So I'm pretty happy that i top out @ 395HP/350 lb/ft, as this was pretty much what I was aiming at.

Useful increase over stock in a lightish (2500#) car with a 5-speed. What I hadn't expected was the incredible increase in drivability by having almost no turbo lag...

Cams? If I do the cams I think it would be dumb not to overhaul the heads.
Why, if they don't need it? My top end was rebuilt 25,000 previously when I spun the rod bearing. It was all checked, was perfect and went right back on.

If they do need it, then they gotta be done anyway... See, it's easy when it's not your motor

If I overhaul the heads it isn't "that much more" to open up the crankcase and now I've rebuilt the engine.
Opinions vary. Me, I believe people are pushing their luck using the factory rod bolts in a stock motor. I've heard of stock, staidly-driven 3.2's dropping rod bolts. And they're the same bottom end (I've got a 3.2 crank and rods in mine right now)...

Heck, the factory used the stock crank and rods (crack-tested and polished) on the 935's according to Frere. They're pretty stout. But the stock rod bolts? Never again for me. I wasn't planning that rebuild...

The only alternative intake that I'm aware of is a Carrera one. From everything I've read,
The EVO MS intake replaces the stock air box. It's reputed to provide some 13 HP across the entire range (according to Imagine Auto, IIRC) by removing vortices in the inlet flow. Lighter and lots more room in the engine bay, too.

There are a couple of sources for ITB's for EFI. But you're not getting those in a $1000 line item.

this will require an aftermarket I/C and head porting. At that point I might as well do the full blown EFI route. Now I'll need and ECU and a array of engine sensors.
This isn't a slippery slope, it's a cliff
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Ah, you see, you need some constraints. Set a budget and stick to it.

Sure, you can blow lots and lots of money getting to 500HP. And increasingly more for less after that.

But if you really, really, really want 500 or 600 HP, the smart way to do it would be to start with a different drivetrain as a base. Like a 3.2, or a 964 or 993. Which is cheaper simply because you have less to throw away on the journey...

An even smarter way to do it would be to sell your car and buy Juan's car. You'd get all the benefits of the development and the goodies at a ridiculous, laughable fraction of the price of building it.

Me, I simply can't imagine when I'd ever get to use 500 HP.

I already drive around like the throttle is welded shut 99% of the time, and most of the time I do get to boost, I often feather the throttle and hold off a possible shift simply because the alternative is to be carrying another 30-40 MPH to scrub off when I arrive a few seconds earlier at the obstruction I can already see up ahead...
'77 S with '78 930 power and a few other things.
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