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Originally Posted by Komenda Fan View Post
I'm always amazed how many guys here really aren't car guys. I presume they are just the badge snobs that give the rest of us a bad name. Japanese make great sportscars. They are tough, fun to drive, and better priced. I have a Porsche, I love it immensely, but how people think that you have to have a Porsche/Ferrari/other over-priced exotic to have a good sportscar, it's just shockingly niave. And the people still living in the 1950's and thinking the Japanese aren't good at originality, wholly crap, what would it take to drag you into the modern era. More effort than I'm willing to put into this...
We're not talkin' transistor Radios here, which is what I suppose you meant when you made the 1950's statement. Not having an Original thought is not necessarily a bad thing. It's just an observation about who is stealing whose ideas.

Toyota, Datsun, et al have been very adept at looking at what the "leaders" are doing well and looking at what they don't do well. The copied the good stuff, lost the bad stuff, and built a better mousetrap. My daily driver is a Toyota Land Cruiser. There are a number of engines that Toyota has done that are out and out Mercedes copies, without the Mercedes gremlins. The Japanese had Finishing issues to resolve in the 70's and 80's. Their cars were rust prone, the plastic disintegrated early and the Paint on some were so so. They've fixed all those issues as American and European Marques slid backwards, at least with respect to Paint.

A friend of mine bought a Vette recently. When you got within 5 feet of this car, the Orange Peel in the paint was sickening. They all look like that. My Toy looks like a Master Painter in a Custom shop painted it.

I don't care what some Shills for US Auto Corporations are saying, there isn't any car made in this country with the Exception of the afore mentioned Vette(I would have to repaint it!) that I would buy over almost anything from Toy, Nissan, or Honda. Obviously these strange turn arounds in Reliability and what ever other Metrics they are using and skewing somehow are to try and save the domestic auto industry.

All this being said, the people on this forum didn't buy a Porsche because they crunched all the numbers and specs in a Spreadsheet and said, that's the smart buy. There is history involved here and visceral reactions to the brutality of a Porsche. You can't get this in an Acura NSX.

I have friends tell me that they want to get an old Porsche and "Fix it up". I usually tell hem that if someone gave them one, he would not be doing them a Favor. The parts are God aweful expensive when compared to said Japanese Creations or Domestic iron. However when viewed in Relation to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin and the rest. they are kinda cheap and a journeyman's Sports Car.

To the original post, I'm sure you know how old this design is. The fact that it has persevered so long is a real testament to the Orig Design. I think History has a lot to do with Porsche ownership. It does for me. I remember the first Road and Track review I read of a 911s in 1972. I was a kid and knew I had to have one somewhere in my Future.

And no true car people on this list? What's that about??

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