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I gotta chime in here too I suppose...I am a total passionist when it comes to cars, love a variety of them for their unique personalities. I am fortunate enough to own (2) old Mopar's that are pure Detroit muscle and are wonderful in many ways and have just as many flaws too. I also own the "chebby small block" LOL being a newer Z06, again, wonderful car in many ways with flaws too albeit, not as many.
I've always wanted a Porsche, always respected them and like many others....drooled over them growing up as they are so unique and let's face it...Mean looking. I have a 91' Turbo and I am too planning a pretty extreme rebuild and began scratching my head when adding up the costs but I must say this and please believe me my statement is not biased b/c I am on this forum...My Porsche is by far my favorite car, by far the most fun to drive as it is purely raw and I feel every time I run down a twisty back road I am part of the car (weird...)
As for build quality, in my mind NO COMPARISON....Cheby did a great job and I commend them for the Z06 however the quality is not comparable, 17K miles now on her now and the squeaks and rattles are a coming!! My car is 16 years old and the interior functions like new, no squeaks, rattles..Steering is precise and crisp...Brakes are untouchable. Paint quality is unbelieveable if You know how to properly detail/buff paint and the overall fit and finish of the body parts/lines are second to none in my garage. As for the motor? In my opinion it's a work of art, My god it's a modestly displaced flat-6 and it's aircooled to start, factory Dry-sump (very cool) along with many other race-inspired ideas built into these motors. Ending my rant, I would have to strongly side on Porsche overall being a Top-quality build in both engineering and durability and just like any other car out there (Subaru, Toyota, Mitsu...etc) If You want to start pushing the envelope on power like most do, the weak links must be addresses on every car including Porsches, all part of the game.
I would like to comment on what you said about being part of the 930 when you drive it. That has always seperated 911s from other cars to me. I have had muscle cars that lite up the rear tires at any given moment or gave you whiplash from a stoplight. Those cars never felt anything like my 930 on a back country road, in fact I have grown to actually dislike the spinning tires everywhere thing. Muscle cars all feel like the rear will kick out to me, in fact some 40% of Z06 owners apparently end up crashing their cars at low speeds because the rear lites up so easily. That is a reported fact, not something I made up. GM is concerned enough to consider forcing Z06 owners to take a Driver Ed course when buying the car.

When I mention that I can't imagine going any faster on a backroad than in my 930, people even at this board say stuff like 'oh, a modern Nissan Z would be faster' or 'oh, this car or that car with a modern suspension would be faster'. I just don't buy it. I can just drive the Porsche faster than any other car I am aware of on country roads. I don't care what has come along since, the Porsche is just fast on regular roads. At the track, all the limits of the 930 design will show up a lot quicker but at lower limits on the street the 930 is the weapon of choice for me.

The car just feels telepathic. It does what I want. It feels good.
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