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Originally Posted by 911nut View Post
Here's a news flash: They're here and getting an a$$ kickin'.
Toyota missed their sales target on the Tundra in 2007. They are rebating the trucks to move them out.
Nissan's Titan, well, it's doing even worse.
With the big trucks what your seeing is a domestic auto industry that learned it's lessons and was prepared for an attempt on the market by Toyota and Nissan.
We can all talk about cars we've owned that have gone around the world without even as much as a washing and cars that stranded us. The important part of Cl8yton's story was that it occured 17 years ago. A lot has changed since then. My 1996 Taurus wagon went 150k miles with customary maintenance and is still running around these parts. Since then I lease my cars; I pick them up at the dealer and they never go back for anything other than an oil change, which is pretty much what your saying about your Toyotas.
Les, when's the last time you owned a American car? If it's been a while then you have no information on which to make a value judgment, saying that Ford, GM and Chrysler are piss poor companies.
You imply that this improvement in quality was sudden, as if the numbers were fudged. This has been in the works for years and been gaining momentum since 2000. I wouldn't expect anyone that didn't work in the business to know that but everyone "gets it" about quality and this is the result.
Maybe it's time that you went and checked out a Ford or GM product. They'll even let you drive one if you want. You don't even have to tell anyone that you did it. It can be your secret.
Hi Nut,
Detroit is listening to people like you, have been forever. There is certainly a sector of the population that will always buy American. That sector is clearly diminishing and has been for a long time. Even the die hard Ostriches have been deciding they are tired of getting screwed by Detroit. I have only owned one American car in my life. You see, I igured out in the 60's that American Cars were crap.

However, I have been assigned Comapany cars to me and managed Fleets of American Vehicles for my Employees. I fly a lot and I rent a lot of cars, all American. So there you have it.

But don't take my experience for anything. You DID not answer the questions I posed in the Last post. How do you account for the Asian cars doing so well. They invaded our shores and are displacing the Incumbent Car Companies. Riddle me that? We are a Country that has been very Ethno-Centric, and they came here and whipped our ass in a Market that we owned.

Go ahead, stick your head in the sand about the truck market. that's what Detroit is doing. Trust me, they'll lose that share also. It is inevitable because of how ASIA and the US conducts their business. I don't wish American Auto comapnies to fail, they just are. AND IT'S THEIR OWN FAULT.

I'll bet the Asian auto guys love Top Gun. They probaly have this motto on their work floors.

"You need to be doing it cleaner and better than the other guy"

WE DON'T DO THAT. If Detroit is not in DEFCON I mode by now, they are even stupider than they have demonstrated they are. The UAW will most certainly be the undoing of the American Auto Industry. IT IS INEVITABLE.

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