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Originally Posted by GJF View Post
If it goes away as soon as you push the pedal to the floor. Then the first bearing to make noise like that would be the mainshaft bearing.

I agree , it seems logical that the problem is in the input stage of the tranny.

I know this won't help, but let me tell you about an experience or two with Porsche trannies.

My '78 930 just had the 1-2 synchro's professionally replaced by a Porsche specialist in CA. To this day, the "specialist" says the synchros still need broken in because 2nd gear grinds on a speed shift, and you can't be going over 10 mph to shift into 1st. WTF?

Last summer I blew out the planetary gear in the front diff of my 964. I took it to a very famous Porsche specialist in Mentor, Ohio to repair. $4700.00 later I pick up the car and find as I am driving away from the dealership that my AC is no longer working. Ten miles later I notice that my oil level gage indicates low oil level. I stop at the nearest truck stop to see what is up. Logic tells me that the dealership didn't have to remove the AC compressor to drop the engine, so, the problem with the AC is probably nothing more than a minor electrical issue. (Blown fuse, loose plug.) I feel around the engine compartment behind the AC compressor, and sure enough, the compressor is merely unplugged. Great, no problem, simple human error. WTF?

I check the oil dipstick, and find the oil is down 2 quarts, this after the Specialist did a routine oil change. WTF?

Add 2 quarts, and hit the road, right? WRONG the car wouldn't start. Turn the key, nothing! Click, click, click.....WTF? Well. it finally started, and I finished the 100 mile ride home.

The next day I took the opportunity to put the 964 on the lift to try to find the starter problem. You will never guess what I found.... The specialist mechanic neglected to put a nut on the starter wire on the solenoid. WTF?

Moral of the story...WTF????

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