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Chiming in late in the game here...

First... wow, I've REALLY enjoyed reading this thread! It's so great to get to read people's pro AND con impressions of cars they've actually either owned or experienced! Cars most of us "normal people" (I'm rather plebian compared to seemingly most here heh heh!) will likely never own. I'm fortunate at least to get to hammer on many things, guess that's better than nothing

Great to hear what an LP400 was like. I've never heard of anyone who's driven one let alone owned one. Great lines! Thanks for sharing.

Back to the "Diablo vs. 930" topic at hand...

My answer? WHO CARES!

I own / like cars for what they are, and what they "do" to me. Not for what they're faster than. Not for what badge is on them. I thoroughly enjoy many cars that will have their arse handed to them 6 ways from Sunday by most of today's modern commuters. But do they make me grin??? You bet.

Heck, just last night I had the 930 out late and some kid in a fartcan'd STi was trying to play with me (I happen to like those too - never own one, too Ricy, but they're a hoooooooooooot and a 1/2 to beat the bag outta, yup!). I'm sure he likely had software and intake mods to match his fartcan, most seem to. Well he wasn't catching me but I wasn't loosing him by all too much, either.

So an STi is nearly as quick as my 930. Again, so what.

I sideways'd an '89 328GTS QV last week WOT, now my 5th notch on me Ferrari model bedpost. I reeeeeeally did not want to like that car, too Magnum PI I always thought. Got out and my impression is forever changed. What a powerband! What a sound! What fun to opposite lock! YEAH! I'm positive my //S8 would snarf it through it's 40 valves and spit it through it's 11:1 compression. Again, SO WHAT!!! I was all grins coming out of that QV. NEAT!

Point is, like what you like - regardless of what's faster.

Paulie <<>> wants some Lambo time. Only sat in a Couny to date, that's gotta change (and also was appalled at the ergonomics, clausterphobia, driving position, etc. etc. etc. but I'm *sure* it's a hoot to hammer!). Anyone local to CT?? Muwhahahahahaha 8-)

Please please gents, keep posts like this coming. Really enjoy the point / counterpoint and learning about things not Porsche. I just like cars!

ps. and just b/c this thread is cool and about old exotics, here's me standing IN the engine bay of a Miura under resto last week heh heh. SCHWING:
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