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Angry Family member attacks thermostat: BAD NEWS!

Have spent the past few weeks attacking any/all leak points on my "89, stock, Coupe. (I sure wish I could learn to arrange the events so that I don't have to take everything apart each time!). Last weekend, she had a few vacuum lines chaged out, as well as all crankcase hoses.....AFM was removed and cleaned, as was the ICV...hoses good to go! I cleaned the top of the engine so that I may watch the area for any leaks. Today (at the end of a tank dosed with Swepco) she rx'd a new fuel filter. Looked at the engine top and there appeared to be a VERY small area relating to the Oil switch...Having all the parts, I indulged the project and decided, as well, to change oue the thermostat Oring while I was there,..ALL work done from the top....contortion requirements exist, but it's a very doable task(s).

As I'm cleaning up the area before removing the warning light switch, as well as the thermo area.... my 2 nephews stop by for a vist (one-17, the other-19 yrs. old). They're very much in to cars, a bit of work themselves (one races Karts,..). They always been interested in my car, enjoy riding in it,..with one having driven' it a couple of times. They even helped me work on it at times,..mostly a learning experience for them....good kids.

I get the switch out with mucho fighting. I believe the PO's wrench was a frikin gorilla...seriously. First time I did the oil change, I couldn't believe the torque found on the 2 bolts. Being a torque freak, during the year I've had her, I've noticed areas that I work in where I would discover much higher then normal torques having been previously applied (and subsequently corrected). I'm torquing the switch on my digital wrench...speaking of going ahead and changing the thermostat O-ring....I get it out OK,..clean her up,..install the green Oring and drop her on the slot,....well the 19 year old is into this whole thing, watching phone rings,..I step aside to take the call, as he asks if he could button the thermo up...I spout out the (light) foot pounds for him...telling him NOT to drop any nuts/washers! .......get into my call,...some buddies of his comes up,..I see this but not really paying attention, walking away from a very loud pristine Mustang loaded with a 351 Cleveland in it........A few minutes later, the 17 year old nephew walks up and says to me "this nut broke off, Uncle Doyle....Drew said the torque wrench was dialed in and to go for it,....I just don't understand,..I'm really sorry."

Looking down, I see that he's not holding the frikin digital dialed at 6 or so BUT MY OTHER WRENCH DIALED IN AT 26 foot pounds!! HE STRIPPED ONE OF THE BOLTS FOR THE THERMOSTAT RIGHT THE FRICK OFF ...I was so pissed I didn't even remove the damned thing to see how flush it broke off. (bet it's flush looking at the remnant piece...) Really tested my patience,..ultimately realizing (completely) that it was all my fault. Talk about frikin' up the evening's end.....things were going along so well,..she runs beautifally as of recent,..I'm walking around like a frikin' heroin addict as I can't get my fix right now!!!!! No way would I even crank her...

Guys,..what now?,....guess I'll need new (these):

M6 X12 stud (999-062-055-02-OEM) (possibly two, as the other survived but has had it's torque releaved,..maybe stressed now?)

fresh washers (N-0122-265-OEM) and nuts (900-076-010-02-M260).

Would you think the thermostat itself may have beed stressed in any way and would warrant replacement? (Temps have been perfect since buying it)

And finally, in the hey do you fix this? drilling? extraction? dental pick approach? install the new threaded stud until she bottoms? not a lot of area up there for a drill.....please don't tell me the engine has to come out/down...................

Sorry for the ramble guys,...I'm about as depressed as it gets,.. as this is the VERY FIRST time she's EVER been officially DOWN...........and on a moronic note...

Any help guidance would be appreciated....

.............Xanax time.....

Best to all,
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