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Originally Posted by Duke Zink View Post
Doyle, Grab what's left sticking up of the stud with the vise grips. Maybe spray a little penatrating oil on it and then slowly unscrew the stud out. If that doesn't work or there's not enough stud to grab take a nut close to the size of the stud and weld it to the remaining part of the stud. Then try and back it out while the stud is still warm (not red hot just warm).

Then if you get it, borrow a stud from the chain cover to use for the t-stat. Replace the said stud from the cover with a bolt the same length as the stud. Use one of the easier studs to get to, that way you can replace it later just as easy.
Thanks, Duke. No welder here,'s dead cold,...engine is in.........GEEEZE.

WHen you say " Replace the said stud from the cover with a bolt the same length as the stud", I'm not sure if I follow you. If I removed a "stud" from the cover, you're saying find a BOLT that's the same (length, threads, diameter, etc) and use that BOLT in place of the removed stud. If this is the case, why couldn't I use the same approach at the thermostat? (i.e.,: remove the broken stud and use a bolt (instead) temporarily until the new thermostat stud comes in.......?

On the other hand: what if there's nothing to grab on to at the broken thermostat stud?

If I can grab it, are you saying that I'll need heat to extract it? Like I said, the engine is in the car, and there's not a lot of room up top....I'd have to be extremely careful if I were to use a torch up top (or strip EVERYTHING off so as NOT to damage surrounding "things".)

..just trying to get the big color picture, here.

Thanks again for any/all inputs.

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