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Thanks, Chuck.

I just removed all of the stuff on top of engine to have another look...luckily, the left side thermostat nut came loose without breaking anything (I was worried about this other side...and if the gorilla had done the same thing to it) Removed the thermostat (finding a brittly black O-ring that broke with the least least I know that this attempt was, not only in good faith, but also a needed action....the thermostat didn't appear to be related to any leaking but I bet she was on schedule to do so in the near future looking at this oring. BTW: I noticed, after installing the green oring, that there appeared to be a bit of movement of oring while seated on the thermostat (in the up/down direction). Is this to allow expansion of rubber under pressure? I would think it would fit a bit tighter?...First time I've seen a Porsche one.....This group has made it clear to make use of the Green O-rings...just a question here..

..back to the nightmare:

I DO have about 1/4 " or a bit more of the broken stud sticking out....a good thing, I guess. I'm off to the store to get a smaller vicegrip (mini?) to allow better movement within the confined space, as my larger one doesn't allow for rotation...

So, Chuck, you say that the remaining broken stud within the engine case should be quite loose at this point? I've doused her with liquid wrench for a whle now and will be applying some Kroil or PB Blaster next,..let it sit for a while then have a go at it.. No heat application here at any point,..(I'm not sure about going that route just yet. Knowing that you say it should be somewhat (loosened) by the event holds promise and pray that you're right in my case. Are there better tools to use in this repair, aside from vicegrips?

I've a new stud on order and am not yet clear on this borrowing suggestion from the chain cover. (Maybe...)..not yet clear on how to remove or install these studs and they do look a bit longer? ...maybe when I have the removed thermostat broken stud in my hand, it will be apparent....I just don't want to bugger anythreads with a vicegripping approach (Removal? yes.....! Install,..say what?) I'll get it soon...(I hope) with everyone's help.....

Here I sit in the front yard, sucking on a 2 P.M. cup of coffee,..slapping away on my (wireless)laptop, everywhere,...posting to the P-group,'s like a mobile technical support,..AS I'm under, over inside,..the car.... What's so cool is that I can fire the Camry up,...leave everything (AFM, tools, etc..) right where it is (laptop included) in the driveway,..head up to the auto store to peruse their aisles for a secret weapon...come home to find everything just as I left it...

.....trying to find positive in this nightmare?

I'll be back,,,
,,...and thanks for "tuning in to this program"'s therapeutic for it's depressed creator..

... thanks guys,..a's been tight around here and I don't need to hear of an engine drop in my NEAR future. Your suggested approaches may help me avoid this,......

In the meantime, the kid called to check on the status...wanted to come by and help...I told him just to stay home today,..we'll get together a bit later for a ride.....still forgiving of his oversight...

till next round,

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