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Originally Posted by rfng View Post
Look I built a kit for my sc from scratch.

1. Use a volvo turbo boot, Cut it, fit a pipe on to it with silicone for good seal, boot is from the cis plate to front of turbo.
2. Make a pipe from outlet of turbo to a Carrera boot . It will work up to about 9 psi, but will eventually burst.
3. Put a fitting on the volvo boot pipe for the air regulator/choke.
4. 930 pipe must be cut and repositioned as it will not clear correctly.
5. Wastegate your choice.
6. Fuel system: modified warm up regulator (Still have a bunch left over-reduced control pressure); shims in the fuel pressure head, increase to about 93 psi. Set CO 3.5
Cold start valve hobbs switch at 4 or 5 psi.
7. Timing MSD with BTM or reworked distributor(distributor works better). No more that 16 17 a full advance.
8. Drain line, tap fitting into sump plate under oil pump pickup. Oil line from idiot light switch to turbo feed.
9. Seal injectors down as they will eventually push once at 9 psi.
10. Replace all vacuum/hoses as the pressure will find the weakest point.
11. Turbo T4/3 hybrid I believe it was a .63 a/r rear, stage 3 wheel hogged out; 60 front H3 compressor E too big for 10 psi and under. Full boost at 2800.
12. Pop off valve on air box, seal with silicone sealant, so after your done you can use it when stock.

Run 9 psi, walk stock turbo or slighty modified one on both bottom and top end. Show Saleen Mustang why he should not taunt old man in SC.
Scare Highway Patrol, on freeway as to why he should be paying attention to traffic, and not talking to his partner about food and women.

Make about 300-325 hp and about 370 ft lbs of torque. Everntually blow head gaskets on tired engine, turn boost up higher to compensate have even more fun, then rebuild after 170K of which 70k was with turbo.

Sell Car, as is becoming too dangerous, constantly at triple digits. Too much torque strips ring and pinion and tranmission now sounds like supercharger.

Leave kit in closet for 3 or 4 years, get bored; modify original SC Kit to fit in other Porsche Carrera with 7-8 psi, fast but not rocket, turn up boost to 10 psi, walk friends 400hp supercharged 350Z, but only happy for short time, now gathering parts to rework engine, make 400 plus hp, happy for short time again. Sell Carrera, then buy used F-16 only happy until next fill up; if I could only find a set of fuchs for it.
Do you have any pictures?
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