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Seeking Advice. Has anyone had bad dealings with Jimmy Deering/Mobile Works East?

I am new to this community so please forgive me, as I am unsure of the proper protocol/ etiquette regarding the situation I find myself in. I however am at my wits end and do not know where else to turn.

I have had horrible dealings with Jimmy Deering from Mobile Works East. Has anyone else has had problems with him in the past?

In March of 2007 I entered into an agreement with Jimmy for him to do major service to my 1978 Porsche 911 Targa. He explained after examination that my engine was in critical condition and needed to topend rebuilt. He assured me that the job would take between 7 to 10 days and that he would do the job for $4300. I agreed to his terms and he removed the engine and left.

3 months later during the last week of June of 2007 he finally completed the job. I stayed in close contact with him during this period and he mentioned no complications and explained it had taken as long as it did because of personal problems he was going through. He also saw fit to raise the price of the job to $6,000. I reluctantly agreed because I simply wanted to be done with the situation and get my car back.

After the rebuilt engine was installed, I proceeded to drive the car. Smoke came pouring out of the engine. He explained that the engine just needed a minor adjustment, which he claimed to have done. Again, upon driving it smoke poured out of the engine and again he made a “minor adjustment.” This happened several times over the course of 2 more months- each time resulting in the engine smoking excessively.

On August 2nd, I took the car for a test drive after one of his “adjustments” and was pulled over by a CHP officer and given a ticket for excessive smoke. The CHP officer explained to me that the charges would be dropped if I had the problem taken care of by the ticket’s due date of September 4th.

Since he caused the problem and I had already paid him, I asked Mr. Deering to please have the car fixed by that time so I could provide the court the proper proof and avoid the $817 fine. He removed the engine again but did not fix it .

After that I gave Mr. Deering a letter threatening legal action. He said he wanted to avoid going to court and that he would take care of it but to date he still has my engine, the car is not fixed, and I am at a loss of what to do.

This has been going on for almost a year!!! Please help!!! Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
Thank you very much,
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