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Where are you located? I think I posted on another forum that I keep a nearly new cat and muffler on hand to loan out to "needy fellow P-car owners". I bought a councours garage queen that was allegedly perfect...yeah right. Parked covered for a few years. In spite of the queen status, here's what I ran into. I go along with most of what's been said...the extra CDI box is a must. Mine stranded me so I went to a MSD 6AL unit which is CARB exempt in California...and believe me...they looked for the exemption sticker. I also went and bought a refurbished Bosche CDI boxd just so I can retro it to absolute stock if and when I decide to sell. Other things to look for are the usual hoses, fuse box with the old fuses in it...clean up the connections and replace the fuses if they're the original ceramic ones (like mine still are the old ones...good at GIVING advice...just don't follow it) There are fuses in the front as well as the back and some under the's good to familarize yourself with where they are so that when something dies, you can make a quick check....My front brakes needed new rotors...the rear shocks gave up the ghost and needed replacment, the clutch cable broke and the Y fork shows signs of wear. The 930 four speed is practically indestructable...the clutch was replaced by the PO 1K before I bought it. The cab top works great...the AC systems are always the $hits...either they dont' work at all or work marginally. Same with the heaters in the 87-89 years. There are heater blowers in the footwells, under the back, and a control between the seats as well as on the dash. Things typically go wrong with the heater fans...either bushings, fuses, or shorts. Make sure you activate all your lights, turn signals, hood, engine compartment lights, baqckup, license plate lights etc. Invariably there are one or two that dont' work. Run the car with the headlights on to see if they dim when the engine rpm's go down...possible indicator of alternator, regulator, or battery issues.

I don't mean to sound like these are mechanical mishaps on four wheels...just trying to give you an idea of the things that typically can go wrong...not that they will or haven't already been attended to. Some of what I listed happened to me. Some I've gleaned from the experts by reading the forums. But the more you know to look for, the better you are. Of course that's what you're supposed to get in a complete PPI....which is the single most valuable tool you can use when buying...unless you're already a 930 expert...and there are a few on this forum.

There are those of us here who have spent a lot of money and time getting our cars so that they are in fact "reliable" and a pleasure to drive without worrying about what's going to take a crap next. If you can find one that an afficianado has already gone thru...and there are some out're way ahead of the game. Better to spend a bit more with a well documented and maintained car than get one that you end up pumping more into that you could have saved by buying one right to begin with.

Best of luck in your Quest....I've truly enjoyed my quest and the challenges of getting it right.

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