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Originally Posted by NathanUK View Post
Are you saying you can hear an engine going above 13AFR or detonating?

You can hear an engine detonating. Where did you get anything about a specific AFR? Who the hell runs a turbo street engine with borderline combustion chamber design at 13:1 under boost? Do that and you will surely blow every motor you tune.

Basically, The kindest thing I can say here is that you have no idea what you are talking about...

Jimmy Hendrix said, "I play by ear". Someone said, "Doesn't that Hurt"!

Same thing about Tuning Porsche's, "I tune by Ear", I say, "Doesn't that Hurt"!!

Additionally, a 2.7 needs no help from a TurboCharger to Blow up...
I'm sorry you can hear detonation, how do you think you keep from blowing an engine up? If you can't hear it maybe you shouldn't be tuning engines. I don't need fancy knock sensors, just a set of det cans. Your ear can react faster than any electronic device, especially when you don't have the proper "tuning frequency". No you can't just take a random knock sensor and expect the right frequency to save your engine. Unless you are using pressure transducer spark plugs there is no way other than listening to an engine on the dyno.

In addition to that the driver has to understand that beating on an engine will surely lead to a short life. When you turbo charge an engine that has never been designed as a turbo engine, you have to take special precautions when driving said vehicle to keep it alive under an number of fatal circumstances. (Have you ever turbocharged a non turbo vehicle before, if not please butt out).

Turbo engines have a much more linear pressure rise in the combustion chamber than do NA engines. You will have not have to turn as many RPMs with a turbo engine if you so choose. If you tune it properly with a digital fuel injection unit (capable of controlling ignition curves, Not CIS or MS) you can be successful at this.

Back to the worst case scenario, what's the worst that could happen, you burn a piston? Big deal. Buy some more cylinders. 2.7 parts are easy enough to find. Maybe you blow a head gasket (if you do them). Again so what? This is not your daily driver, you won't have to walk to work. Who cares if you grenade an engine in the pursuit of learning? Its just an engine. Build another one. There are only ten million of them out there.

A guy here in UK holed a piston in his 930 at 1bar...
So what? I know a kid that put a junkyard turbo on Honda and ran the stock FI? Yep it blew up in a week. Again, Point? I also happen to know a guy that runs 10psi+ on a 11.5:1 Honda engine everyday, plus runs timetrials and drivers ed events. Yep it's living a successful life two years later.

Any monkey can blow up an engine through abuse or improper tuning. Big deal. It takes a careful person to build a turbo engine that was not designed that way from the factory and make it live. You can do it and I bet you could run 15psi before you have problems. Just don't use CIS.

Still gonna stand in my agreement with afterburn, copbait, etc. Build it, blow it up, or make it live. Why not? WHAT"S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN?
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