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Problem isn't turbocharging the 2.7. Everything can be done. Problem is that people who want to turbocharge their 2.7:s often lack the knowledge and/or means to do so in reliable manner. And even if they have it, it will probably cost more than selling the engine and buying something with same amount of power (3.0, 3.2) that's plug & play.

Also, biggest problem is heat, not horsepower. Cooling is bad on thise engines and thermal elongation will easily strip the bolts out of case instead of just cracking them. As we said before, stronger bolts won't help. So key here is to make heads run cool.
If I was to fabricate this kind of conversion (and I wouldn't do it volontarily) I would start with fitting better fan and even overdriving it slightly (with smaller pulley).
Also, I would run it on E85 as it burns cooler and is much less knock-prone. Before that, I would make sure engine is healthy to begin with.

E85 requires 40% more fuel flow into engine so some fiddling with control pressure is needed. A smallish intercooler would also do good.

So 11-blade fan w/ smaller pulley, new short headers, Te04, small intercooler if possible, control pressure lowered to allow E85 and may runs with LM1 to make sure it doesn't lean out. It would probably not ping on E85 but high head temps would make it live dangerously.

Frankly, a simple EFI kit made for SC would simplify the things a lot as you could start with base SC map, compensate for 40% fuel (either by enlargening fuel cells or fitting bigger injetors) and then do final mapping with WBO2.

It can be done, allright. You just have to be more careful. E85 is nice "poor mans race fuel" and should be available in US too, no?
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