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I'm so glad I checked this I thought it'd be another heel/toe debate thing - and then I find this <<>> about lowering the brake pedal!??!

***JUST*** what the doctor ordered, thanks so much for that tip. In my infinite noobness I was unaware of that capability (schwing!) and do verymuch find the stop pedal quite high in relation to the go.

After piling on more miles lately (another CT to Maine WOT trip and some winter commuting sprinkled in) I'm realizing how much I don't even really need to heel / toe it. I'm looking forward to being better able to with lowering said pedal but have been finding mesself instead double clutching and being VERY deliberate with my shifts and technique instead (this in my 39k car with new center sprung clutch and rebuilt 3rd).

One thing for me I found essential to master is the rolling 'shift into 1st'. Takes finesse "asking" for the engagement, and much technique with the throttle etc. H/T'ing aint gonna work for me there. But the reward, oh momma yeah.

Oh, when I do H / T, I too have found the "blade" edge of my foot is where the contact works.

Shifting Gears for a moment (baaaaaaaaaaaaad pun)...

As I thinking about this thread while rowing my way along the road via the 4gang the other night, I started thinking about another recent (common) thread either about buyers insisting on an '89 for the G50, or threads about the G50 swap.

Then I began to absorb "what" the 4spd embodies and enables in its bespoke application. The deliberate (er, charming) shifts. The loooooooooooooong legs. The few gearshifts. The straight-cut whine. Stirs the soul, and enhances the experience. And then there was someone else's also recent quote "anytime spent shifting is time not spent accelerating". Man that's good stuff. I finally "got it".

I know the G50 provides other attributes of improvement, I was just suddenly reveling in the uniqueness the 4gang brings to the exercise - what a goof / hoot when mastered. I enjoy the rawness to that part of the experience, it matches the rest of it exuding from the car. I've only driven a G50'd Carrera 3.2, have to try a 930 mit one sometime then I guess - oh darn!

ANYwho I digress... I socannotwait to lower das pedal. Thanks again, I'm psyched to address this fax pax on her heh heh...
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