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Originally Posted by les_garten View Post
You have more than amply illustrated how little you know about Porsche engines. They don't "Rattle". If you wait to hear that, you're gonna toast it. It ain't a Chevy, Ford, Toy, Honda, or Nissan Either.
Thats a load of BS. Every engine on the planet rattles slightly when you tune for MBT, especially engines with archaic combustion chamber designs like our Porsches. This is the reason to tune on a dyno, where you can concentrate on the engine instead of other drivers on the road. There is a difference in hearing a slight rattle and continuing to push through sustained detonation. Only an idiot would do that. It doesn't matter if it is a 30K$ Porsche engine or a 60K$ Winston Cup engine. They will all rattle slightly while tuning. Now the reason I made the comment about driver listening to the engine, has to do with how long it will live. A turbo 2.7 will make less than 300whp. It will not be that fast. If the driver listens to the engine he will hear detonation if it is subjected to bad gas or high IATs. If he lets out and does not continue to beat on the engine it will not destroy it self. If he ignores the tell tale sounds from the engine he will melt it down in the matter of seconds.

Originally Posted by les_garten View Post

Knock sensors don't work either.
Tell that to Porsche. All the later engines have knock sensors.

Originally Posted by les_garten View Post
I wouldn't let anybody touch anything of mine that had an attitude of, "Just get yourself some more pistons cylinders, oil pump, and clean the shards of Aluminum out of your engine and you'll be OK. Turn your crank while you're at it.
I am not tuning this fellows motor. i am not building an engine for him. I got the impression that he was looking for a cheap way to up the power on his own/. I told him what could happen good and bad. If I am being paid to build him a setup I would probably dissuade him from doing so, based on his abilities to keep said motor alive. It will be fragile, nowhere near as strong as a true turbo engine.

Originally Posted by les_garten View Post
I might have your attitude if I were independently wealthy like you. I'm not. Pistons, Cylinders, Rods, Cranks, cases, they all seem expensive to me. I might be a little more Cavalier if I were hot rodding, Chevy's, Toyota's, Honda's, etc.
Then please stick with tried and true setups and do nothing to push the limits. You don't make big power without breaking parts. But you can keep the status quo with that attitude.

Originally Posted by les_garten View Post

I know of no reputable Porsche Tuner that has an attitude like yours.

What's the worse that can happen?

You hole a Piston, Mangle a head and Cylinder, throw Aluminum into the lower end, taking out a $1000 oil pump and contaminating all your lubrication system that has to be torn down and sterilized for Aluminum. Scratch up a Crank, blow Aluminum into all the oil galleries. Do you even know what a Gasket set costs for a Porsche?
Porsche engines are not cheap, neither are any other engines built properly. If the owner of said engine was to abuse the hell out of it he will pay a very high price, but if he does it carefully, tuning in small increments, he can have success. In reality he will probably pull a head stud first and then blow a head gasket. If he is stupid and continues to beat on the engine he will learn an expensive lesson. So he will probably never reach that point.

Put a 3.2 in there and be done with it. it won't be a rocket ship, but it will move out of its own way.

For the original poster, if your wallet can not handle writing off this engine, please do not attempt this. Put in a tried and true combination.
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