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Originally Posted by afterburn 549 View Post
Seems like the Pelican forum is going away from the do it your selfers...good grief dudes and dudets help the man (or woman) not hinder him ,,Just the facts..if you have NO exp. in this area OR repeat what you herd else where please just be a reader.
I talked to Rich Clewit extensively about this a couple years ago....he pondered for a few days. Did some reserch for me and in conclusion he said there other Porsche Eng with the same C/R have been successful , and figured like some others on this board "this" can be done .
t Will it ever be as durable as a al case ? NO. Will it work ? Yes. Remember all Eng blow up / wear out . Just a mater of time and use.

I'm not trying to hinder him, I'm not saying it can't be done. Tell Richard you have a non modified Tired 2.7 and I'm SURE he will say this is a bad idea. Having purchased about $8000 worth of gear from Richard, I know him pretty well.

Sure all engines wear out. I was getting some custom exhaust work recently. Next to me was a guy getting a Muffler on a GMC Jimmy around early 80's vintage. This car blew oil and steam out the exhaust the whole time it was there. He looked at my Porsche and said he was thinking of bolting a turbo on this gadget of his. I guess I should have said, sure, go ahead, what's the worse that can happen. Put some Nitrous on it while you're at it. I never mentioned CR, and it has no bearing here.

To tell him to take his Tired 30 something year old UN-MODIFIED 2.7 and bolt on a Turbo is not helping this guy. To tell him he can Hear detonation on a Porsche Motor is not helping this guy. To tell him to just do it and what's the worse that can happen is NOT HELPING HIM.

Just because I have not personally pulled a stunt like this doesn't mean I can't comment. The universe of people who have put a Turbo on a TIRED, Un-MODIFIED 2.7 is going to be pretty limited. I have to say that I will never be part of that Universe.

I suppose I could help more by running down all the mods required to make a 2.7 "RELATIVELY" serviceable over a long haul. Do we really need to do that, it's been mentioned all over this thread. In the end you have a "Better" 2.7, but not an Engine that most people on this forum would seek out or even want. He cold part out his 2.7 and use the funds to offset buying a 3.2 and doing it right hat's my recommendation, if you can't spring for a 930. Still expensive.

Anyone who adds up the costs to bring a 2.7 up to snuff quickly realizes they should be looking for a 3.2 or 930 motor and not wasting their time with a 2.7.

You can pays your money and you can takes your chances.

If he had a fresh well prepped 2.7 my answer still would be proceed with trepidation.

You would be "Helping Him" if you told him what Richard said should be done before a Turbo is put on a 2.7. I'm also sure that Richard had to mention Mods, fairly expensive ones. You give the impression that Richard said, bolt it up and run it.

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