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Well, since I contend there is no such thing as bolt on, I may as well interject my 2 cents worth...
I started with a 3.0 SC engine, which leaked badly. I completely rebuilt it, and rebuilt it in conjunction with installing the turbo. And, yes, people said you can't do that, etc. And, yes, you will learn a lot the hard way, fortunately, there are lot's of people on this board who are invaluable with their knowledge and advice. I have an old BAE kit, but once you figure out what you need principally, you won't need a kit, just fab it all yourself.

Anyway, I gained 100 RWHP over stock, such that I have 3.6 power, but not as broad of a torque curve as a 3.6. My SC will flat kick 3.2 n/a butt, and will keep 951's at bay at the track. I will not try to dissuade anyone; the 2.7 is not the ideal platform, but will work if you rebuild it in preparation. I have a lot of instrumentation, as I really can't hear detonation on the track with a helmet on and pretty loud exhaust. I have CIS, works OK once you get the hang of it. So, you can really rebuild your engine on a budget, use the CIS stuff, use the P&C if they're in spec, etc. Get good turbo cams and good rod bolts and head studs. If you want big power, you won't get it going this route. If you want a good street/DE car, this works out pretty well. You just have to not get crazy with the boost levels, and have a solid engine to start with. Turbocharging is by far the best bang for the buck regarding HP gain.

I thought about a 3.6 conversion, but I prefer when people say "you can't do that". When I was younger, I worked in a VW machine shop. We could build little 1641 VW's with a Rajay turbo, no wastegates, draw through carbs, would make 220 HP on the Stuska dyno. And, they would invariably blow up. But, we had literally hundreds of cases, cranks, heads, etc to play with. After a while, you learn how to keep them together. For anyone doing this with their own money, you want to minimize the learning curve, and not blow one up.

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