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Thanks guys. I should have mentioned I pulled all the fuses and relays weeks ago. As well as unplugging every control unit I knew of in the car. Most of you are correct in suggesting the current measuring method I mentioned earlier. A friend of mine uses a volt meter inline with either terminal to measure voltage when checking for a drain. It sorta works actually, The higher the current drain, the higher the voltage reads. I personally don't prefer this method, however, after accidentally bumping the 4-way seat switch with my knee w/ my meter set on the low amp setting, and ultimately popping a 2 amp fuse in my meter, It may not be so terrible after all. Anyway, I finally had a major breakthrough last night. I was lucky enough to have a friend near the rear of the car that heard a click when I connected the meter one time. If I repeated the click several times it would stop for quite a while. I finally went to the cheapo parts store and bought a universal horn button and some long wire to make up leads. I must have clicked that thing 100 times before I found it. It was the cold start valve!!!!!!!!!!! hooray! I now had a direction to go. After quite a bit of work I was able to get to the cold start switch in the breather plate cover(it's a 3.6T). For some reason the yellow wire coming from terminal15a on the starter is powering (+) the thermo-time switch all the time!!! Apparently my drain is the little heater circuit built into the thermo-time switch! I haven't dived further to see why the yellow wire is hot but I obtained copies of the factory manuals for 91turbo and 3.6 turbo engine pages this afternoon. It looks like it would have to be a short in the harness or something weird going on in the starter soleniod. I'll hopefully find out tonight and let you guys know! BTW with the thermo-time switch unplugged the current drain was 46ma which I believe to be perfectly normal for any 964/965. I guess I was mostly looking for encouragement to keep hunting and was definately inspired by a few of you. Thanks again!!
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