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Thanks Mike, I am not talking about the enrichment unit that works in conjunction with the jetronic, but the one that controls the fuel pumps and overboost control.

The install was done somewhere in NY, and thats about all I know. I have tired my hardest to try and track down who did it, as the paperwork was pretty scarce when I bought the car. When I got it the overboost was grounded out, and the car ran just fine, al beit it really rich, and with 1.1 bar worth of springs in the tial wastegate. My mechanic pulled the engine, relocated the coils and elctromotive control unit and did a couple of other minor things. We also reconnected the overboost sensor, and with the combination of springs and the B&B headers, I was hitting it quite frequently. I pulled off the wastegate and left in only the .8 bar spring. All was good (except on the rate occasion when it was below 30 and I took the car out and drove it hard).

Fast forward to a bout a month ago, and at 2400 rpm I started hearing a clicking noise, that lasts between 2400 -3000 rpm. It doesn't matter if I am moving or not, if the engine is firing, it is making the sound. The only problem is that it isn't doing it all the time, so it was hard to diagnose. It was in the 50's last weekend, so I took the car out, and it started making the noise. I found a very quiet dead end road that I could see both the start and end of, and got into the gas in second. The clicking was there, and the overboost kicked in, or atleast the fuel pumps shut off. I pulled to the side of the road, and disconected the overboost while the car was idling to test the switch, and the car died, so I know the signal from the overboost is doing what it is supposed to. I rehooked the overboost sensor back up, and started the car, and it wasn;t making the clicking noise. It also would run strong on boost without cutting out. By the time I got home, the clicking had resumed, so I was able using my wifes help, track the sound down to this control unit.

My tach works just fine, as do all of the gauges. I have a couple of relays under the dash that say DEI on them, that don't look factory, but the car also has an aftermarket alarm system on it as well.

I do think the fuel pumps run all the time that the key is in the on position. Once I turn the car off, they don't run though.

I agree with what you are saying, but the only thing I can figure, is that the control unit has somehow crapped out.

Does this make sense?

Unfortunately my friends turbo has the engine sitting on a stand in his garage.

What do you think?

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