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Hans, thanks for the email and pix. I repost for all.

"Hi Justin.
Sorry for my late reply, I have a strange work., one day in China next
in Sweden.
Sweden is the originaly home for High performance DP 935 Porsche´s.
To start with I am not a Porsche freak, but I like to have some kind of
project, and I also rember in my youth. when I made my tuning debute
Porsche. My friend Jo was one of the best in the World to have most
from a Porsche engine. Joseph use a 2,7 engine and put 2.9 L cylinders
and a big turbo. 500-600 hp in early eightys,
Listen: Sure you can use your 2,7 engine with a magnesium case.
My case is not a 100% case, some sipage, This engine have its original
and I have not change them. , maybe I dont dare, If the studs and no
tread in the case, I will surely keep them as is.. You must lower the
compression ratio, if you will have the correct boost presure, and also
power. Ok you have 8:5-1 Lift up the cylinders at least 1mm.
Check the valves and guides, Set the camshaft as in the book. no need
have a sharp setting, the turbo gives you a better responce. like "hot"
Try to find a complete 928 fuel head,the stock fuel head is just for
hp You can use the original injectors.
Also add 2 extra injectors now you have 8 injectors! (line from the
head) and stock fuel pump. Find new small turbos, with internal
I use a set of Bursch headers. and I made a set of correct flanges to
turbo. Inlet of oil to the turbos is from each cylinder bank.
Return oil is going to bottom of the front cam cover.
Make a Y-conection pipe from the intake of the turbos to the suction
of the fuel head. Keep the original intake manifolds, They are the
much better the original 3.0 turbo, Make a plenum chamber. and mount
primer injector to the plenum. And also disconnect the vacum hose to
ing distributor.Get a intercooler. and you must have 2 in and 1 out (to
plenum) The WUR must have the lover hose connected to ? I dont remeber.
com back. I will go down to my garaget an try to take some pictures.
But its
not easy, But in a short wile I will pull out the engine and put it in
my DP
coupe.. Its not easy to infom you in a correct way.
Best regards

Some pretty elegant (and cheap) solutions by Hans to twin turboing... including my favorite of oiling the turbos off the chain tensioner cam lines and dumping into the camcovers. This begs the question of whether it is worth it to go to the expense of EFI and a Carrera intake manifold if you want to turbo a 2.7 engine. 400 hp and prolly about less than 1-2 grand of parts!
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