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Originally Posted by DSPTurtle View Post
I am considering doing my first DE in a few weeks. Couple questions for you guys in the know...
1. Is Roebling Road a good place to start or should I wait for a Sebring event to be my first?
Can't help you there being a yankee (for now)

Originally Posted by DSPTurtle View Post
2. 930 or 944 for first DE event? I autocrossed the 930 yesterday for the first time and fell in love all over again. I have autocrossed my 944 for the last 15 years so I am very comfortable with it but jeez... that 930 was absolutely amazing yesterday.
Take the 944. It's a MUCH better car to learn in. If you can be fast in a 944 it means you have learned your lessons well. Keep the 930 off the track until you learn how to drive properly. My guess is the 1st day will show you quite clearly what you DON'T know.

Originally Posted by DSPTurtle View Post
3. Are DE's family friendly? I have two little guys (5&7) and would love to bring them along but not sure if they will get bored and completely harrass my wife.
Yes and no. If possible I would wait to find out your run (and work assignment) times and have your family come down late morning in time to watch you run. Then have lunch together and they can decide if they want to stay or go. You don't need to be thinking about anything but driving.

Originally Posted by DSPTurtle View Post
4. Place to stay... most say downtown Savannah but that does not seem like the place where all the "socializing" happens in the evenings.
Ask the guys in that PCA region.

Originally Posted by DSPTurtle View Post
5. Graduating from Green to Blue... how many laps/hours/days does it take before you don't need a ride-along anymore?
Be thankful you didn't ask this on the Rennlist Track Forum.. If you are smart you will keep an instructor with you until THEY beg you to go solo, and after that hand-pick certain instructors to ride along. By then you will know who they are..

Originally Posted by DSPTurtle View Post
6. Any other advice for a longtime autox but virgin DE. I can't wait to experience what one of these cars will do on a real track...
Any advice is always appreciated!!!
I would assume a pre-event Tech Inspection is required. If not, get a form from another region and do it yourself. Be sure your brake pads are at least 75%, and I would flush the system and use ATE Blue or Gold at the least. A fresh oil change never hurts, as you will be pushing her a *bit*, even in green. Don't wear a red or yellow shirt, as most track won't allow you to work wearing them (IF you have to work). A cooler with lots of water. Stay hydrated. Have fun. Pat mentions the "steering wheel grab". Discuss what your instructor plans with him, and ASK if he ever grabs the wheel. If he does, tell him he must announce that each time before doing so. It's not a bad thing and at the speeds you will be going pretty safe as long as you aren't surprised and don't fight his input.

Enjoy, my guess is you will never look back.
Gary R.
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