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Some real good thoughts here, offered to some real well thought out questions.

IMO, these make the *perfect* "3 day a week" commuters like you are predicting. The other 2 days it'll either be bad weather or you'll "need" more space for a Home Depot run or to shag kids or or or or. This is win / win, as it helps you keep the inevitable commuter rash down, and also helps to mitigate the miles racking up. More importantly though, as mentioned, it ensures you DRIVE the thing. Cars do not like to sit, and these in particular are addictive to use. I thorougly enjoy my 30 min. each way in mine, my "me time", alone, unbridled, unreal. Gottaloveit!!!

Regarding long distances, man did this hit me like a hammer over the head. I was coming back from an overnight trip to have a beer with a bud in Maine and bombing along back to CT at a sustained 120-130 (don't ask / judge, whatever) for what seemed ever - and it was like an epiphiny... these cars *LOVE* to simply gobble up asphault. I wanted nothing more than to point the sucker west and not stop until I hit water. SUCH a fine GT machine, excellent feel, ergonomics, seating position, cockpit, greenhouse, comfort, etc.

A heavenly experience is to pile miles on end in these things!!! At speed, if possible 8-).

Agreed with all the other thoughts here in their entirety: nail / head... get one, drive one! Smile all the long.

Stock US ride height is near Rancho status / 4 finger hoor wheel arch clearence, but I have as others noted scraped my tail pipe on an odd occassion. It is so ingrained in me to calculate an ahem 'deliberate' angle of approach / departure with all the goofy cars I've had I'm usually fine with the 930. Like you said guess you'll just have to bring one home to see. Where you located?

My ebrake could be one click or so tighter but it's really good by most car's standards and has been effective. That said, on REAL steep parks I'll leave it in the opposite facing gear (R for nose down / vice versa) just for the warm fuzzies that, my luck, the lever will come unsprung and release. D'oh no thanks.

You've got a practical back up car (and truck), got that important base covered in the event she's down awaiting parts or the like. A necessity here in CT with the weather.

All that's holding you back is the right car now. Don't rush into one, ask ask ask here / Rennlist, negotiate your pants off, and buy the 'right car'. Do NOT save a buck and buy a questionable example - as noted here, $$$$$$$$ proposition you'll regret. Be patient, they come up fairly often - but - an immortal quote: "there's a lot of 930s out there, there's just not a lot of NICE 930s out there". Beware molestation issues, getting harder and harder to find a clean stocker out there these days.

It is an extremely exciting time of life, I just got mine last fall and am loving every red second of it!!! 8-) When opportunity knocks - you answer it!

HTH, good luck, post back as you progress.
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