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Interesting point, Dueller. While I haven't raised the "I'm leaving" flag, I do have to say that - for the first time in my life - that option is not off the table - and it really pains me to say that.

It isn't Hillary or McCain that is the issue. Not even George-the-Lesser. It's the state of mind and lack of integrity/consistency that has made our current cadre of politicians possible, and my inability to share the values inherent in that state of mind. I think our politicians are a mirror of the nation as a whole, not the other way around. "We has seen the enemy, and he is us."

How is it that we can send our sons and daughters to the sand to give and take death and destruction in the name of our "security" when we can't be bothered to maintain our own borders because we "need" cheap labor? I could not, in good conscience, recommend to any young person that they enter the military as I did.

How is it that we can rail against profligate government spending while living our personal lives on credit - leased cars, mortgages we can't afford, borrowing against assets to buy "stuff"? What happened to saving for a car/trip/whatever?

How is it that we elect a pseudo-conservative politician who ends up driving us into debt in a manner that is dangerous to us all. To me, a conservative strives for a balanced budget, fiscally, socially, and environmentally. We have mountains of debt, but where are the bridges, hospitals, alternative energy sources, universities, etc., to provide value in return for the debt?

What can be said about the state of mind that whines about the price of fuel but isn't willing to invest heavily in new energy (as opposed to oil) sources?

What can be said about a business climate where being responsible and debt-free (remember Pacific Lumber before Charles Hurwitz?) makes you a target for a takeover and plundering? Or where your workers are throw-aways because there are a few extra cents to be made by sending the jobs elsewhere?

What can be said about a political climate when propositions are put to the voters in ways that deliberately obscure the true purpose of the proposition and vast amounts of Marketing Bull****tium are heaped on the voters to persuade but not inform?

The sad fact is that all career politicians are jackals. Our reality is that taxes must go up and services must be reduced. $3 Trillion dollars of debt and $250 Billion dollars of defecit demand it. Denial won't pay the bills but it apparently will get politicians elected.

So, enough rant. As I see it, the declining curve of integrity/responsibility will, at some point, intersect with the rising curve of denial/panic. At that point you will see the "have-not" part of society pulling out all the stops to extract the remaining resources of the "have" part of society. There won't be enough.

For me, being an American is important because I have a reverence for the principles that the Founding Fathers expressed. It's important to me because this country has historically had a good heart and been willing to help nations in need. It's important to me because my family - which immigrated legally - has shared those values and been willing to fight when necessary to protect them. Now I'm looking at an election where there are potentially no candidates who represent my views and values. This is a bad situation in a representative democracy.

I do think we are at a turning point in the future of the country with a few major issues dictating what this country will look like in 10 or 20 years. I'm not ready to abandon ship, but the gap between my values and the values of this society as a whole is growing. Only time will tell if that gap becomes too wide.

Politicians should be compelled to wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers, so we could identify their owners.
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