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Thanks fopr the enquiry Goran. I took the engine pic just now to answer your query.
I was about to install it in the car. As you may be able to see, new injector blocks/seals installed. Plus a new 2nd hand set of injectors from Brian, which I have scrupulously flushed with cleaner. I have leak tested it this far and seems OK - as far as I can tell. I still cannot pressurise the system - even at this level. I am loosing pressure thru the exhaust. Given the leak down numbers are very good, I am beginning to assume the cam in it has some overlap. As you can see - I finally pulled the engine. So many things to fix, it was simpler. Just had new oil lines and a solid brake line made up and fitted this morning - while engine still out. So many fittings are frozen or stripped. Replaced synchros and dogs in gear box, and lowered gearing on 3 & 4.
Still waiting on new set of turbo seals from Pelican to check rest of system. Parts take quite a while to arrive - I have a constant stream of parts in transit - each time thinking I have ordered the last ones.
Was about to marry gearbox to engine to fit in car when your e mail arrived. I was about to make a clutch centering tool when I discovered my clutch is buggered. (pic). This will explain the transmission clunk I get before the car drives. I have been looking for this - suspecting diff backlash. I finally pulled the CVJ's apart and found a damaged one. Replacement on way from Pelican. I thought I had found the source of the clunk.
So, cannot install engine now. Will have to order something more from Pelican. Everything I look at on this car is rubbish.
Will content myself with putting panels back on -(pic). Just picked body up from shop yesterday while I worked on trans and engine. Had rust in the guard seams - painted over.
One day I'm going to drive this thing - but not for a while yet.

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