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Originally Posted by turbobrat930 View Post
Actually, I disagree... If the oil separater does what you says it does.. "separate the oil and air, return the oil to the tank", then we are not talking about the same part that is pictured above. The part that is pictured above in the parts breakdown, is in the vent tract of the oil system.... not on the return circuit. The only oil that would ever get to this separator is oil that is contained in the air that is vented out of the top of the crankcase. The hard metal line that attaches to the top of the crankcase and runs toward the oil tank is the line that is attached to the top of this separator... It is a crankcase breather...nothing else. All this part is for is to make sure that IF there ever was oil in the vent air, that is does not get dumped overboard. purely emissions..nothing more.
There are baffles in the oil tank which help in separating the ail from the oil. All the original poster needs to do is rip off of this crap out of his car... and instead of having the metal vent line from the top of the crankcase going to this separator... he needs to hook it into the oil tank, right by the filler neck. Heck, there even is a factory place for him to hook it into....

My oil tank is vented to atmosphere by means of a small K&N air breather filter... and in the races that I have been in...and numerous DE events, thousands of city and highway driving, I have yet to see ANY oil coming from the breather system....
Well, then let's agree to disagree.

Porsche calls it an oil separator. It's purpose is to separate gases(air and combustion) and oil from the fumes coming from the oil holding tank. You can remove it and vent the line to the atmosphere, but why? Shouldn't the gases be sent to the engine in the first place? This is '60's technology that is still in use today to help clean up the atmosphere by recycling hydrocarbons and oil vapors coming out of the oil tank, just like the gas tanks have feedback lines and charcoal canisters. It's not costing you any HP.
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