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930 Oil Leaks/Hello/Etc

First of all, hello to everyone. I have owned my 79 930 since '98. The car has been garaged and driven only 15000 miles over the past 10 years. Over the years I have paid mechanics to do all of the work on the car (chain tensioners, oil return tubes, other oil leaks, etc.) My car currently has multiple oil leaks and being no longer a dual income no kids household(now 2 kids 1 income) I find myself needing to save money where possible.

For better or worse I have decided to take on repairs myself where possible. I purchased Waynes book and stumbled across this web site while researching. First, is this the correct forum to post questions regarding normal stuff like oil leaks? I wasn't sure whether to post to the standard 911 forum or this forum. If necessary I can move my questions.

My knowledge of working on cars is ridiculously minimal. I have changed the oil in my car before...long time ago. But, I had to read the project on jacking up my car a good 6 times before actually doing it this weekend. This weekend was all about scoping out the problems and learning. No work has been started. I did manage to jack up the car and learn quite a bit without hurting the car or steps!

I spent time under the car looking for the source of the leaks. All 4 oil return tubes appear to be leaking....again. I already ordered the 2 piece collapsible replacements. However, they are not leaking too bad so I'm putting this project on hold for now. I believe the real bad leak is coming from the lines connected to my oil reservoir behind the rear right tire. They appear to be easy to access. This is about the time I realized another problem about being new. I know which lines I would like to replace...but I don't have a clue what the lines are...or what they do. How do I order new parts from Pelican when I don't know what part number I need? Are there schematics available for my car so I can figure out parts and part numbers?

Also, and this is specific to our model's. If I replace the oil return tubes it really appears it would be easier to do the job with the heat exchangers off of the car. Is this true? The heat exchangers are different from the pictures in Waynes book that show access to the studs through the access holes in the exchangers. Do 79 930's have different exchangers that do not require the special tool? As an aside....Since my mechanic replaced the oil return tubes a number of years ago I'm hoping he removed the heat exchangers before and perhaps they won't be too hard to remove. That remains to be seen!

I have a few other repairs I need to do as well but right now I'm taking this one step at a I'll stop here and just say thanks for any input.

Take Care,
Brian Leach
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