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WBO2 cannot be installed instead of NBO2 sensor. It's two totally different sensors.

Narrow band is just there to controll stochiometric mixture at half-load. As soon as boost starts building up, it will go rich. Further on, narrow-band cannot measure AFR. There are lot's of fancy narrow-band gauges but it's just smoke screen. Only thing narrow band is good for is to see when you are passing lambda 1.0, nothing more. It will flip from high to low when you pass lambda 1.0 and that's it. Numbers on narrow-band AFR gauge is just there for entertainment...when it says "13:1" it could be 10:1 or 14:1, you'll never know...only thing you can know for sure is that it's richer than lambda 1.0.

So to wrap it up:

1. Narrow band cannot be exchanged with Wide band sensor without changing lot's of driver electronics.
2. Narrow band gauge is next to useless for tuning or diagnostic purposes, it only indicates when you pass lambda 1.0
3. Wide-band is much better tool and can (depending on which you buy) output simulated narrow-band signal to ECU (so you can get rid of old lambda sensor). But just connection wide-band sensor to narrow-band ECU won't work and might destroy sensor, ECU or both.
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