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Well like my wife the Realtor always reminds me, to find it's worth place it on the market. It's worth what someone will pay for it. I suspect he will sit on it for awhile
Say what you want about eBay, most bidders are not out there looking for a deal. Instead they are looking for: 1) available and 2) rare. Right now there is a very large international following bidding on Porsches (and light aircraft). Many have the exchange rate in their favor.
$45K sounds about right for a modded 930 with dated exotic body styling. Not even that much HP compared with what many of you are driving around with. I think you were in the ballpark and this one is going to end up in an estate sale. Sold off for what the kids can get for it............just as most current Barrett Jackson muscle cars will be.
Not to get to far off topic here however I think Kremer and DP cars are in a different catagory than muscle cars unless they are the Trans AM or Can AM inspired muscle cars developed late 60s thru the early 70s that could actually be used on a road course. I think the later cars developed by Kremer, DP Motorsports, Andial, Franz Blaum, Alan Johnson, RUF to name a few in some cases a further developed than the factory produced street cars . Kremer and DP among others were not hack jobs but "Form follows function" creations to get areodynamic and weight advantages derived from the sucessful race versions just as other limited production specials were. Some of the later DP, Andial, Kremer work was even tolerated by the Porsche factory and was a further development of one of the most sucessful road racing cars ever produced by anyone. The stigma attached to the turbo that was hyjacked by the gold chain set is history. They have moved on to new fantasies for some time now. I think some of these cars a bargin with factory Race 935 into 7 figures, Kremer 935 k3 getting close to seven figures and street 911RS towards $300K and RSR and 934 heading for the moon. About the going established asking price inquiry of Street Kremer, RUF, DP Motorsport, any other sale results?

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