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I'm inclined to agree with jurhip^^^^

I work with a guy who is a car enthusiast. He drives a "Porsh" Boxster and has been thinking about breaking into the 911 world. He found a very nice 993 2S (wide body), normally aspirated at a local high-end used car lot that also had some nice, fully optioned, late model 996s. The 993 was minty fresh, loaded, and priced as such that he really could have bought any one of the 996s. He struggled with the idea of a car as "old" as the 993 commanding such a premium...didn't understand what was "special" about the whole air/oil cooled experience, or what the 993 represented in Porsche's history. So he drove it. In his words: "It was nice, but just waaay too unrefined and raw". He claimed that he was unable to just jump in and drive off, and that he could tell there would be some skill involved...this car wouldn't drive itself.

Thinking about what I drive every day (A/C in the winter and heat in the summer), I had to chuckle to myself about his perspective. The 993 is definitely "raw", but comparatively speaking, is downright posh to my toy!

Moral of the story: learn what camp you are in. Are you an "old skooler" or part of "the new world order"? Drive both cars. If you don't have the good fortune of simultaneously owning a Porsche relic and a new model (best of both worlds), you have be true to yourself and roll the bones on the one that fulfills the most utility.

I know this isn't where you wanted to take it, but I just can't get beyond the 996 styling. I think order has been restored with the 997, but the 996 just never looks right to me. However, I've heard that performance wise, the 996TT is a real stunner. I guess my point is that I couldn't just pick a car based on it's reliability (or lack there of) merrits alone. It's a package deal.

One other consideration, since you say it will be "dealer serviced", you might want to be sure there will not be any issues having the 993 serviced at a "dealer".

I think the best person to answer your quesion would be PorschePhd, Steven Kasper, owner of Imagine Auto. He has owned them all and works on them all.

Best of luck, and I'm by no means trying to hate - just different strokes for different folks...
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