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Anybody ever experience these type things...Jealousy I guess?

I jumped in the car an hour ago to go for a little ride. Put $20 bucks in her and got 5.5 gallons. decided to take her for a spin down the 15 freeway toward Riverside, Ca. Cruisin about 75 listening to an old music mix of the Who and Zeppelin songs. In my rear view I notice a Harley full dresser or Goldwing comes up behind me and sits there pretty close ~8' feet or so. I dont like tailgaters so I move over in the next lane which were all open for any speed. He rides next to me and sticks his hand out to me and gives me the bird. (Flips me off) My windows are tinted and I dont think he could really see who I was very well. I rolled my window down and he did it again. (whats this guys problem?) anyway he swerves over and tries to kick my car and thats when I went into "Stupid Mode" I think he didnt realize that I am 6'3 about 250 and I havent had a cigarette for a while. He probably assumed I was a frail little attorney type who he could bully and antimidate. He takes off full speed thinking for some STUPID reason he is going to escape from a built 911 Turbo. Some of the other cars saw him too and just moved out of the way. I didnt realize how slow these bikes are. This guy had zero chance to get away. I could stop faster, eat him alive in ecceleration. His only chance was to dart between some cars and swerve off the freeway at the last possible chance. Unfortunately for him, my car can turn quicker. I tailed him off the freeway where he did an immediate 180 back on the adjacent on ramp (through a red light).... and so did I. (I know this is incredably stupid but there were no cars around this intersection somewhere out in the country) I couldnt help it. (I have a little spirit left in me). Besides I realized he is just a bully who picked on someone bigger. I caught him in about 4 seconds and he looked scared. I was actually pissed off at him for trying to kick my p-car.. The only thing that would make me more pissed is if he kicked one of my kids. Anyway.. I made him sweat for a while on his a-ss where he tried everything to escape.. until I realized my gas lite was flickering...5.5 gals later. He swerved onto the 60 freeway going east and let him go...It doesnt last long on boost....about 30 minutes.

Anyway- I know better and I'm really smarter than this, but sometimes you just get pissed off at jerks.

What the hell is the matter with people?

Nice Bob
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