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Interesting point Jim, in fact, that's the very same train of thought that kept me considering it. Nice work by the way, I checked out your EFI conv. The manifold blocks were very trick. I have great respect for attention to details like that.

I would expect the exhaust valves are sodium filled. Do those come in NA 3.6's? I know they are in the turbo. These valves have 964 p/n's, I took one head apart to confirm the guide were in fact worn out.

I'd like to try to cc the combustion chamber volume and try to figure the comp ratio if possible. I've never done this before and would like a little help I didn't have time to play before shipping the heads out to Ollies to get freshened up but perhaps when they come back..

The rods are absolutely not stock 3.6 rods though...

I might add that part of the reason we took this thing down is it had a bad random detonation problem and some oil leaks. Not to mention it burned 2 qt's of oil in less than 1Kmiles.

It also had massive carbon build-up from the oil consumption which I assume contributed to the detonation. I dyno tested it before teardown to see if it would detonate and if so what the AFR was when it did. It took 11 pulls before even a hint of detonation. But it's easy to make it do it at 4,000 rpm in 3rd on the highway. I suspect the MAF may be going bad. It has one similar to a mid '90 VW/Audi When my friend bought the car a few months ago I discovered the airfilter element wasn't installed quite right and there was lots of dirt on the MAF. I cleaned it and it seemed to help for a short time.
I dunno, hopefully it won't detonate when I put it back together with no carbon and less oil in the air/fuel mix.

This just seems like a cheap way to go for guys looking to turbo their C-2's like many of you 3.2 guys are doing right now.

I also know of several supercharged 3.6's in desperate need of lower compression...

Anyone willing to donate an unusable 3.6 piston to the cause for a little disection?
The machine shop next door has a great bandsaw...

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