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930 timing specs for higher hp motors ?

What would you say the the advance should be on a Andial built twin plug w/ 934 type 12 lead distributer euro fuel ,Andial enrichment . Compression 7.0 boost, 1.2 on 100+ leaded fuel now set set at 29 btdc @ 4000 RPM. I spoke to Andial shortly after motor was built (8000 mi ago ) to reaffirm timing. I thought they recommended max 32 degrees ( not sure if they factored in race gas varible for more than 32 for a twin plug ) however a motor builder says 29 @4000 (euro timing spec) on 93 octane. Also I have a Kremer (low miles ) and when checking the timing ( I noticed the distributer position has never been changed from new ) and was astonished as it was 36 btdc@4000. Any thoughts on this also? . Could the Kremer car have lower compression than 7.0 for this much advance. I also noticed it up to 1.4 bar of boost. It also runs noticably rich off boost so mayby why it is still intact after 10K miles. Thoughts on changes to timing/fuel mixture to get it to pass emissions or just leave it be and confine it to track use? I have recently been in touch with Kremer AG as Manfred Kremer wrote the original build sheet for this car. He recently passed away and the responce was that no one knew where the specs were located for the few 935 street cars they built. Porsche tuner built hot rods can be a mystery in the world of evolving upgrading technolegy and changing fuel availabilty. Your thoughts and input will be appreciated. Maybe a redo of the external management system may be the only answer. However I would like to keep them original, if possible.

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