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You gotta watch your jokes around here. Check out the LED gage thread for an example.

Les, I don't know what POINT you are trying to make unless it is that everyone should be scared of turbochargers.

What you and Ben did was a self admitted mistake that cost an engine. That could just as easily happened to a 930. A waste gate failure is a waste gate failure nomatter what brought it on.

NOT TRUE I don't know why this point is so hard to get across. No this wouldn't have happened on my car or on a production 930. At least not to the extent it has happened to some of these conversions. My car has over-boost cut. The 930 has ovrerboost cut. That is safety engineering designed to save the motor. The POINT is high compression + Turbocharger + no safety engineering = beware. Porsche put in a lot of safety engineering to make a Turbocharged car safe. These are absent on most if not all of these "Kit" conversions.

The mistake didn't cost me my engine, the overboost cut off caught it.

The original poster is wanting advice on how to do it right, not don't do it or you'll blow your engine. Turbocharged SCs are common on this board so it is proven that you can do it right.

That's correct. But a lot if not most of these were torn down and converted. They are for all practical purposes 930's now. Notice I did not say ALL. So don't paste a thread in here of a Bolt on.

Keep in mind how this thread started out. He went to a Professional Porsche Wrench and the guy basically told him he was nutz! Maybe that wrench thought that if you are going to Turbocharge 1950/1960's engine technology, it should be prepped for it. Because that's what a 911 motor is.

My suggestion would be to directly e-mail the folks who have successfully done this conversion. They will be more likely to open up to any pitfalls and helpful hints off-forum rather than open themselves to ridicule. I know many extremely knowledgeable folks who simply will not post due to the BS on these forums. It's a damn shame and hurts us all.

I'm Glad you can just brand a difference of opinion as BS. And by the way, the opinions of this thread I am SURE have helped the poster in that he will be cautious and ask better informed questions. He can also look at a thread that shows direct evidence of a similiar conversion that had an untoward event(FIST SIZED HOLE IN PISTON). So saying that it's a shame and it hurts us all to discuss is BS. This is a discussion and sharing forum. There will be differences of opinion. I never said he couldn't do it. I said, it's not prudent. Turbocharging a 911 motor is a sliding scale.

This conversion is on one end of the scale and the 930 is on the Polar opposite end of the scale. Somewhere in between is a proper converted SC motor. This is MY opinion, not BS. YMMV
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