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My SC has a BAE "kit". The words "bolt on" and "BAE" should absolutely never be used in the same sentence. I have found that there is a tremendous amount of reverse engineering involved in doing what I did. Also, I take mine to the track, so I had to engineer in some other stuff to assure it could stand being on boost for a much longer time duration than a street car. A search of my user name and BAE will provide a lot of questions and answers. I didn't actually have the benefit of seeing a 930 engine on a stand until after I finished mine, so I looked at it in wonder for a while, counting up all of the wheels I reinvented for this conversion.

So, Rob, I would suggest you familiarize yourself with some of the quirks involved with doing this before you start plunking down money for someone to install the "kit" for you, mostly for your own benefit. I can guarantee that the mechanic will come back to you afterwards and say "well, this needs this, and that needs that, so it will cost you an extra $xxx".

BTW, I'm hoping you don't have a RAJAY turbo, as they present their own challenges, specifically oil feed and drain, and availability of refurb parts. That being said, the SC running at 6 PSI will make a big difference in performance over a stock SC.

I don't really have any true, positive overboost protection, but after reading this thread, I think it would probably be a wise idea to wire in a pressure switch to my fuel pump circuit. I do have a degree of overboost protection via different means.

Lastly, everyone on this board brings something to the table, and I couldn't have done mine without everyone's help. There is a vast accumulation of turbo knowledge here. Anyway, have fun!
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