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Originally Posted by Alan L View Post
OK - now we are getting somewhere. I've been back underneath and fiddled with the fork lever. It feels odd - lumpy and catching in a place or two. Not right. So, now I know what I'm looking for - altho I'm still not sure how to line it up right. I mated the two flats on the fork to the flats on the lugs on the TOB.
Is there some way I'm supposed to line the pressure plate up. Can't really see that - there is no give in the bolt holes.
But I'll pull the engine again.
AND while I'm in there - change the pp bolts.
If anyone has any tips about how to line this dam fork up, I'd like to know. I'm going to have a good look at it before I split it.

Follow 9dreizig’s advice and remove the starter motor.
Set the TOB stubs at 12/6 o’clock. Rotate the fork out of the transaxle, pointing toward the pressure plate. Feed the main shaft into the clutch and simultaneously rotate the fork using the clutch arm to guide it to enter behind the TOB stubs, in front of the pressure plate fingers. Continue to feed the transaxle assembly into the clutch and at the same change the angle of entry of the fork using the clutch arm shaft so that the fork freely feeds between the pressure plate fingers and the TOB stubs.
Once the transaxle housing is fully mated with the engine case, the TOB stubs should rest clear and free in the notches in the fork with approximately 6mm free clearance when the fork is rotated toward the pressure plate fingers. If the fork seems to hang on the TOB stubs, the fork is not properly located/set. Back the transaxle out a bit, try the dance again.
Keep in mind, the fork/clutch arm assembly is full of vertical play. You may need to push the clutch arm up at the same time you are feeding the fork behind the TOB stubs to get the fork where it belongs. When you get things close, it can help to insert a pry bar or large screwdriver into the inspection hole on top of the transaxle and tweak either or both the fork and TOB. Sometimes they need a little “persuasion” to behave. Cussing has been known to help too.
Don’t know how you are supporting the engine and transaxle while attempting this task. I find it beneficial to suspend the transaxle using tie-down straps wrapped around the case then attached to a cherry picker, a fork lift arm, a hoist, anything to eliminate having to physically hold the transaxle up. If the engine is high enough, a jack works well too. Get the suspended transaxle balanced and the mating task will be greatly reduced.
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