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Well look at the conversion article on this page. Then look at their catalog. Now either shell out big bucks, or wait maybe 1-2 years and aquire the parts at swap meets, from people who abandoned projects, the internet. Be carfull though, a used flywheel may sound good for $50 until you find out it is too thin to be surfaced, or the oil tank you bought has a leak. If you know alot about these conversions (start learning now) and can aford to use the car as a second car then this is one way to go. Not the "right" way, but an acceptible way.

Or the "right" but cheaper way. Ask Pelican, but I think the conversion parts go on sale from time to time (new suplies of NOS parts pop up) so buy a peice now and a peice later. Get it all together then find a shop that has done this before (man, a new thread about shops alone could be started) generally a shop that hasn't done a 914/6 conversion before may low ball the price not knowing what can of worms they are opening. Then either they charge you more at the end, or cut corners to increase "profit margin".

About used motors. "Buy the best/newest one you can" (Excellence Magazine) is a good idea. A 2.7 motor out of a car with records is better than a 3.0L from a junkyard. Forget the stolen goods factor (Porsches are "hot" cars) for a minute, but just a top end rebuild is expensive, then there are the chain tensioners, are the head studs new, etc. You DO NOT want to rebuild one of these motors, if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it.

If you put 200hp ina 914 you MUST upgrade the brakes suspension. Unless you want to have a fast car that won't stop. In that case buy a Mustang. So add $500-1500.
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