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Originally Posted by DonE View Post
I drive it frequently through all RPM's. I don't go above 6200 rpm because my motor stops increasing hp above that point - no need to go any further. Around town, I'll go over 4 or 5000 rpm just cause I can. And it sounds cool...
Me (and my stocker) are in ^^^^this^^^^ school of thought. Whereas I thoroughly enjoy a good bounce off the limiter in most cars, the 930 seems to be happier shifting slightly earlier and getting back into the FAT part of the curve and deja vu'ing that boostbong all over again - yeah. Gear dependent, I typically don't wring her much beyond 5,800 most times, unless specific situation dicates (can of whoopass opening has been summoned).

Plus, I get all sorts of spooooooky $$$$ thoughts piling into me noggin' when I'm in too frequent 6k's and cringe at the possiblity that ohso glorious cacauphonic orgasmic blast should turn into a cacauphony of cash registers ca-ching'ing - no thanks. These are afterall older beasts unless they've been fresh'nd.

I too am in 2nd up until 4k for just trolling around town, like Sandman said as you'll just be upshifting only to then grab 2nd all too soon again.

Sounds like your driving style is leaving some on the table Martin. Like voitureltd noted, if that's been the case for awhile on that motor, proceed beyond your current levels progressively to ease the motor into a new regimine. Also to ease your current skillset into 'what's beyond' what you're presently accustom to.

There truly is _nothing_ like "staying in it" and enjoying the fully lit wick all the way to its desired upshift - like you said Martin I get flow just at the thought of it 8-)...

Happy motoring all - and don't forget yer cooldowns afterward butofcoorse...
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